CIVITAS East River Esplanade Vision Plan

Building on the CIVITAS sponsored international design competition “Reimagining the Waterfront,” CIVITAS, with consultant Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects, just completed an eight month community outreach process focusing on the Esplanade between 60th and 125th Streets.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in our outreach meetings and contributed to the CIVITAS East River Esplanade Vision Plan.

The Vision Plan, prepared in conjunction with Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects, summarizes all the findings from our research and community outreach process. It serves as a resource for understanding historic and existing conditions, opportunities and recognized constraints, project feasibility, an overall vision and it points to important next steps for making the rebuilding of the East River Esplanade a reality.

CIVITAS is looking forward to continuing our work with Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects, community members, elected officials, city agencies, community boards, and vested non-profits. Please stay tuned for updates as we enter into the next phase of our Esplanade initiative.

The CIVITAS Vision Plan was made possible by grants from The New York Community Trust and the New York City Council.


Executive Summary

Historic Conditions

Existing Conditions

Jurisdiction & Responsibilities

Hurricane Sandy

Sea Level Rise & Flood Risk I

Sea Level Rise & Flood Risk II

Sea Level Rise & Flood Risk III

Community Demographics

Ecological Conditions

Outreach Process

Opportunities & Constraints

Project Feasibility

The Vision I

The Vision II

The Vision III


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